Are you looking for an external location to hold a meeting?

This is practically always customised work which means that looking for just the right place and booking can be time-consuming.

We will gladly get started on your request as soon as we’ve received it. In this process, we take into account your specific requirements and also pay attention to matters such as the following:

Is there enough daylight in the meeting room?

Are there any disturbing factors such as renovation works?

Can the catering service meet your specific demands?

Is there adequate WiFi everywhere?

Does the location have enough breakout spaces?

What are the payment terms and conditions like?

Does the location have enough parking space?

How flexible is the location on changes to the programme and to the number of guests?

All these are questions that we negotiate for you and that can make or break your meeting. It goes without saying that we will get back to you with the various possibilities that best suit your requirements, including a list of the costs one may expect.


We are also the right people to contact for your event or for any social occasion you want to schedule, be it a break during a meeting, a customer event, a product presentation, a dinner or a team-building activity. Expohotels has an extensive network and can also organise this for you, from start to finish.

And there’s also the added advantage that we can offer you the possibility of putting the costs for this on the final invoice so that you will not lose sight of the overall view of the financial aspect.

Expohotels negotiates various locations, so that you can make a proper comparison and, if necessary, we take on an advisory role. What is important to us is that your event is taken care of to the finest detail.

It goes without saying that it is also possible to visit the locations (the so-called ‘Site Inspection’).

Interested? Send us your request today.